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Fusion Leader Circuit: Leadership Insights with Cordia Harrington, CEO of The Bakery Cos.

jlbworks | September 21, 2017

Nashville women executives convene to learn from the one of their own.

People first. Authenticity. Transparency. Risk Taking. Perseverance.

According to Cordia Harrington, CEO of The Bakery Cos, these are just a few of the foundational leadership and personal attributes that have led to her success.

As part of the Fusion Leader Circuit (FLC) executive development program, Cordia graciously hosted the current cohort comprised of ‘Women Executives in Human Resources’. The passion she has for supporting the growth of leaders was apparent in the stories she shared about her life and business.

Cordia’s professional journey is one of perseverance and determination. Her stories depicted how she overcame rejection and resistance along the way. Unfortunately, many of the barriers were due to her being a woman in a traditionally male industry. Though the landscape has dramatically changed over the years, there is evidence that we still have an opportunity for further progress.

As Cordia shared highlights of her professional journey, there are three valuable leadership insights that rose to the surface:

  • People First – The success of a company depends on the people and the culture that they create. Treat them well and the business will be positively rewarded.

  • Power of Authenticity – Effective leadership is dependent upon a high level of self-awareness and the ability to “be” authentic in all situational contexts.

  • Risk Taking– Doing great things does not come with a road map or guarantee. Doing nothing out of fear greatly reduces the chance of accomplishing great things.

When it comes to defining what makes a successful leader, there is no right answer. As an executive coach, I witness leaders of all styles and backgrounds accomplishing great things. A few key takeaways include:

  1. Gain clarity on who you are (self-awareness) and what you want to accomplish.

  2. Position yourself in the right environment (role and organization) to achieve maximum organizational impact and personal satisfaction.

It is clear that Cordia Harrington has done just that!


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